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Primal Scream is a 2006 C&C model 115 (38' LOA) sailing vessel which hails from Key Biscayne ( Miami), FL. Although she is a racer/cruiser, Primal Scream spends the majority of her time on the race course being campaigned in eastern seaboard events from  Key West to  New England. During spring and autumn she resides in Annapolis and in summer, her home is in  eastern Connecticut. In addition to closed-course buoy racing, Primal Scream is a formidable and comfortable point-to-point distance racer. Deliveries between events are on her own bottom, generally short-handed by her owner/skipper, available crew and supportive friends. Primal Scream logs more than 50 races and 5,000 miles per year. Her racing accomplishments include:


  • SORC 408nm Ft Lauderdale to Charleston Race 2009 - 2nd Place PHRF
  • Key West Race Week 2009 - 1st in Class and Winner of PHRF Boat Of The Week
  • Wirth Munroe Lauderdale to Palm Beach 2008 - 1st in Class
  • SE Florida PHRF Championship 2008 - 1st in Class, 1st Overall
  • Annapolis NOOD 2008 - 1st in Class and winner of C&C 115 East Coast Championship
  • Key West Race Week 2008 - 2nd in Class
  • Annapolis NOOD 2007 - 1st in Class and winner of C&C 115 East Coast Championship
  • Charleston Race Week 2007 - 1st in Class and winner of the Palmetto Cup
  • Miami to Bimini 2007 - 1st in Class and 1st Overall
  • Ft Lauderdale to Key West 2007 - 3rd in Class
  • Block Island Race Week 2006 - 2nd in Class
  • Charleston Race Week 2006 - 1st in Class and winner of the Palmetto Cup
  • Miami Race Week 2006 - 3rd in Class
  • Ft Lauderdale to Key West 2006 - 1st in Class
  • Wirth Munroe Lauderdale to Palm Beach 2005 - 2nd in Class 

Our success is a result of the hard work, commitment and compatibility of the crew. For the most part, we are a collection of South Florida amateur sailors who came together with the common interest of establishing a home on a serious boat with a serious campaign. We have no “paid pros”, no hired guns. Everyone has ownership in the program and we sail with our hearts. The team practices, learns, excels and succeeds. We have no egos, each person’s input is valued, we trust and respect each other and we have a great time exercising and improving our sailing skills - all of which is evidenced by the fact that we have a consistent influx of accomplished sailors interested in joining our crew roster.  

A special note of acknowledgment goes out to our sailmaker/tactician, Mr Anson Mulder of North Sails Ft Lauderdale. In addition to building awesome sails, Anson has been the catalyst responsible for putting much of the talent on the deck and teaching us the miracle of teamwork.

As Owner/Driver, my job is pretty straight forward. Give the guys the race ready boat they deserve and focus on driving. My world is from the mast to about 15 degrees off the bow. Everyone else knows how to take care of the rest. In the 7 years since first learning to sail on a Vanguard 15, to learning to race on an Ultimate 20, nothing rivals the joy and satisfaction of pulling together a traveling "big boat" team of awesome friends and competitors.

Steven M Stollman, Owner/Skipper - Primal Scream

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